Baybee Convertible Car Seat for Baby 0 to 12 Years with 360° Rotatable, ISOFIX, 3 Position Recline, Headrest Adjustable | ECE R44/04 Safety Certified | Baby Car Seat for Toddlers Kids Boys Girls (Black)

Price: ₹12,999 - ₹9,990.00
(as of Jun 21,2024 09:42:51 UTC – Details)

Introducing our state-of-the-art baby car seat, a perfect blend of innovation and safety for your child’s travel experience. With its 360-degree rotatable design, effortlessly switch between backward and forward-facing positions, adapting to your child’s growth with ease. The inclusion of ISOFIX connectors ensures a secure and stable connection to the vehicle, enhancing overall safety during travel and alleviating concerns about incorrect installations. The adjustable headrest caters to the evolving needs of your growing child, providing optimal support and comfort for the head and neck. Offering three recline positions, this car seat allows for a customizable and cozy seating arrangement, accommodating your child’s preferences for interaction or nap time during long journeys. Boasting a 5-point safety belt system and double-sided head protection, our car seat goes above and beyond to prioritize safety, securing your child in place and minimizing the impact on their head in case of a collision. With this comprehensive set of features, parents can trust that their child is well-protected and comfortable on every journey.
360-Degree Rotatability: Our baby car seat features a unique 360-degree rotatable design, allowing parents the flexibility to easily switch between backward and forward-facing positions with a simple rotation. This feature enhances convenience and adaptability for parents as their child grows.
ISOFIX Connectors: Equipped with ISOFIX connectors, our Baby Seat for Car provides a secure and stable connection to the vehicle, ensuring optimal safety during travel. The ISOFIX system reduces the risk of incorrect installation and enhances the overall stability of the car seat, giving parents peace of mind.
Adjustable Headrest: The car seat is designed with an adjustable headrest to accommodate the changing needs of a growing child. This feature ensures proper support and comfort for the child’s head and neck, providing a safe and ergonomic seating position throughout the various stages of development.
Multiple Recline Positions: With three recline positions, our baby car seat offers flexibility to create a comfortable and customized seating arrangement. Whether your child prefers a more upright position for interaction or a reclined position for nap time, the car seat adapts to meet the individual needs of your child, making long journeys more enjoyable.
Enhanced Safety Features: Our car seat prioritizes safety with a 5-point safety belt system and double-sided head protection. The 5-point harness ensures a secure fit, preventing any potential movement during travel, while the double-sided head protection adds an extra layer of safety by minimizing the impact on the child’s head in the event of a collision. Parents can rest assured that their child is well-protected during every journey.

Customers say

Customers like the appearance, safety, quality and comfort of the infant toddler car seat. They mention that it looks good, has an extensive range of safety features and is reliable. They appreciate the soft, breathable fabric and the adjustable headrest. They also mention that its easy to install and that it’s a must for every kid. Customers are also happy with adjustability.

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