Little Rituals COCONUT BABY MASSAGE OIL Certified Organic, Wood Cold-Pressed for Skin and Hair with SWISS Plant Actives. Dermatologist Tested by Pediatrics, Mild & Gentle & Safe (100 ML)

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Little Rituals – Baby Massage Oil – Made with Swiss Expertise


Innovation and Safety are at the center of our hearts. We are a brand built on the foundation of bond, love, and long-lasting relationship.

We only source the best quality raw materials around the world

Plant Actives – Switzerland, Germany, and Africa. Sweet Almonds – Modesto, California

Black Sesame – from our farmland where it is grown organically. Coconut– Non-sulfur treated coconuts from South India

Bottle  Plant ExtractBottle  Plant Extract

Little Rituals – Premium and Luxurious Baby Massage and Hair Oil

Innovation in baby massage oil for the first time in India. Introducing plant extracts in massage oils. We infuse our oils with powerful plant actives imported from SWITZERLAND that have shown excellent benefits for babies’ skin – making the skin stronger and less prone to allergy.

Bottle - ProductBottle - Product

Little Rituals Oils Made with Swiss Expertise

Dermatologically Tested and Certified Organic – ensuring that you have the safest product in the world for your baby.

Indulge with our ultra-premium, luxurious oil and make baby massage a unique experience.



Little Rituals Declares 100% of the Ingredients and explains each of them

Little Rituals oils are 100% plant-derived

Little Rituals oils do NOT dilute oils. You get 100% pure oil

Little Rituals oils do NOT have any added Fragrance.

Product PhotoProduct Photo

Bottle  Plant ExtractBottle  Plant Extract

Bottle - ProductBottle - Product


Introducing Plant Actives in Baby Massage Oil – Made with Swiss Expertise – First time in India

Balloon Vine from AfricaBalloon Vine from Africa

Echium OilEchium Oil

Sunflower ExtractSunflower Extract

Balloon Vine from Africa

Best for baby-sensitive skin. It moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation, and soothes itchy reddened skin.

Echium Oil from Germany

Improves hydration, reduces roughness, heals scars, diminishes dark circles, and lightens pigmentation spots

Bio Active Skin Care components

Provides all the missing nutrients to the skin and makes the baby’s skin stronger. Rich in Phystoreals, Ceramide, and Squalane

When Ancient Wisdom MEETS Modern Science

Almond BenefitsAlmond Benefits

Coconut BenefitsCoconut Benefits

Black Sesame BenefitsBlack Sesame Benefits

Sweet Almond – Cold Pressed Organic + Plant Actives

Coconut – Cold Pressed Organic + Plant Actives

Black Sesame- Cold Pressed Organic + Plant Actives

INNOVATION – Using Swizz Expertise in making baby body massage oil and baby hair oil in a single bottle. Very Premium and Exclusive baby massage oil for the first time in India.

POWERFUL – Little Rituals Coconut oil for baby massage is infused with highly beneficial plant actives sourced from Germany, Africa, and Switzerland. Completely suitable baby massage oil for new born.

BEST baby massage oil for SUMMER. Plant actives mixed with Swizz Patented Technology soothe the skin immediately and strengthen sensitive skin against irritating influences.; LITTLE RITUALS baby care products are safest for your new born, infants, toddlers, and kids. Baby body oil is rich in Vitamin E, Squalane, and Phytosterols. Our baby oil for skin makes skin strong

CLINICALLY PROVEN – Our massage oil for baby can also be used as baby oil for hair, brings good hair growth and can be used as hair oil for kids and adults. Makes hair silky and shiny.

Target Gender: Unisex

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