LuvLap Easy Diaper Pants, XL, Pack of 54, for babies upto 12-17Kg, Pant style diaper with Anti-Rash Aloe Vera Lotion, ADL for Even Distribution, & 360° fit for better coverage & flexibility

Price: ₹999 - ₹539.00
(as of Jun 18,2024 07:26:50 UTC – Details)

LuvLap Easy Diaper Pants redefine comfort and care for your baby. Infused with anti-rash Aloe Vera lotion, these pants prevent dryness and itchiness. The breathable PE back-sheet ensures dryness, while the Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) maintains even liquid distribution. With a comfortable elastic waistband, cotton-like softness, and a 360-degree fit, these diapers prioritize your baby’s comfort, allowing them to move freely while staying dry and protected. Choose LuvLap for a diapering experience that combines advanced features with gentle care. This pant-style diapers are available in 5 different sizes … i,e. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large & Extra Extra Large
Anti-Rash Aloe Vera Lotion: LuvLap Easy Diaper Pants feature an Aloe Vera lotion that prevents dryness and itchiness, providing a protective barrier against diaper rash for your baby’s sensitive skin.
Breathable PE Back-sheet: The diapers are equipped with a breathable PE back-sheet, ensuring long-lasting dryness by allowing air circulation. This feature helps in maintaining a comfortable and dry environment for your baby.
ADL for Even Distribution: The inclusion of Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) ensures even distribution of liquid, enhancing the diaper’s efficiency in absorbing moisture quickly, keeping your baby’s skin dry and comfortable.
Comfortable Elastic Waistband: Designed with a comfortable elastic waistband, these diaper pants provide a secure and snug fit for your baby. The elastic feature allows for easy movement, ensuring your baby stays comfortable throughout the day.
Material as Soft as Cotton: The diaper material is as soft as cotton, offering a gentle touch on your baby’s skin. This softness contributes to a comfortable wearing experience, minimizing any potential discomfort for your little one.
360-Degree Fit: LuvLap Easy Diaper Pants are designed to ensure a 360-degree fit, providing coverage and flexibility for your baby. This feature ensures that the diaper stays securely in place, allowing your baby to move freely while staying protected and comfortable.

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