SNOWIE SOFT® Adjustable Baby Safety Harness Belt – 5-Point Secure Chair Strap for Toddlers with Universal Fit for Strollers, High Chairs, Prams – Durable Quick Release Design for Optimal Child Safety

Price: ₹599 - ₹399.00
(as of Jul 10,2024 11:43:31 UTC – Details)

SECURE AND STABLE BABY SAFETY STRAP: The baby safety strap for chairs is designed to provide a safe seat for babies and toddlers by preventing them from slipping off or leaning forward. It features five nylon webbing straps that can be securely anchored to the chair, creating a stable seating arrangement. These straps cross from the baby’s shoulder to armpit and from the waist to thigh, ensuring a snug fit that keeps the child secure.
ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE FIT: The 5 nylon webbing straps can be easily attached to the center locking system of any seat and adjusted according to the baby’s size. This makes it incredibly convenient and comfortable for the child, as the straps can be tailored to their specific needs. Whether using it on a chair, high chair, stroller, or pram, the baby safety strap can easily adapt to provide optimal safety.
VERSATILE AND COMPATIBLE: The baby safety strap can be attached to any seat without a protection design or with low-level safety features. This means it can be used on a wide range of seats, ensuring the baby’s safety is always maintained. So whether you need to secure the baby in a regular chair at home or on a stroller while traveling, this strap is a versatile solution.
FLEXIBLE CUSTOMIZATION: The baby safety strap offers a flexible design that can be modified to suit your specific requirements. If you prefer a three-anchoring-point or four-anchoring-point design, you can easily remove any extra straps and install it accordingly.
RELIABLE AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The baby safety strap is constructed using premium and durable materials, making it a reliable guard for your baby’s safety. The strong nylon webbing and sturdy anchor points ensure that the strap remains secure and in place, providing peace of mind to parents or caregivers. The strap is designed to withstand daily use and ensure reliable protection for your child.

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