ToyMagic Animal Figure Toy Set of 31 Pcs|Farm & Jungle Animal Figure Playsets with Artificial Tree & Fencing|Birthday & Return Gifts|Learning Educational Animal Toyset for Kids 3+|Made in India

Price: ₹999 - ₹239.00
(as of Jun 26,2024 03:22:26 UTC – Details)

Animal Toy For Kids
Crafted from durable, flexible, and enduring vinyl, these animal figures boast vibrant colors that are meticulously hand-painted, showcasing intricate details. The tactile experience is enhanced by their distinct textured surfaces, which bring these creatures to life and inspire children’s creativity.
Notably odorless, these animal figures stand firmly and are designed for easy play. They serve as an ideal addition to jungle-themed parties, birthday festivities, educational initiatives, learning tools, or even as rewards for young achievers. The dual-purpose nature of these figures ensures they provide both fun and valuable learning moments.
hands-On Learning: Embrace the power of experiential learning. The ToyMagic Coin Bank hones fine motor skills as your child handles coins and engages in a tangible learning experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge.
Beyond providing entertainment, this animal figure set serves as a versatile learning tool. Children can learn about different types of animals, their habitats, and behaviors through interactive play. As they engage with the intricately designed figures, their curiosity is piqued, leading to questions and discussions that foster a deeper understanding of the natural world. This blend of play and education can encourage a love for learning that extends beyond the playroom.

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Customers like the appearance, value, and quality of the toy figure playset. For example, they mention it’s cute looking, worth for money, and made by solid product. That said, some complain about the size.

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