HABER Traditional Baby Muslin Bath Towel Organic Indian Cotton 4 Layer, Eco-Conscious & Safe Printed Muslin Cloth Towels (70x70cm, Chopper & Trio)

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Haber Junior, Baby Towel, Baby muslin, swaddle, baby wipesHaber Junior, Baby Towel, Baby muslin, swaddle, baby wipes

HABER Baby Muslin

Crafted after well researched needs and challenges in baby care, HABER Muslin is one of its kind in terms of quality, safety and sustainability. Muslin have several applications, but to use it for your baby needs special construct and care. At HABER we have ensured every aspect of baby care is addressed after a thorough understanding baby care routines.





Super Soft

Super soft, highly absorbent, safe, gentle and comfortable on delicate skin

Instant Absorbency

A simple touch is enough for the absorb sweat, liquid, water etc. on skin

4-Ply Organic Cotton Muslin

HABER Muslins are crafted in 4-ply touch absorb construct to offer best in class comfort for those tender skin.

Safe & Comfy

Gentle and improve circulation. No chemical dyes or prints. No risk of ingestion of dye traces or print polymers.

Baby Muslin, Baby towel, SwaddleBaby Muslin, Baby towel, Swaddle

Safe & Authentic Material

Made of safe organic cotton these fabrics are absolutely safe on baby skin. These carefully selected cotton is woven into traditional muslin cloth that addresses todays needs as well. Muslin fabric is not dyed or printed keeping in mind that new-borns tend to keep the fabric in mouth and hence traces of dye or print inks should not be ingested by baby. We have used only natural cotton, no polyester or chemically processed rayon (Bamboo rayon or other wood rayon), this is to ensure that your muslins are made of 100% natural fibres.

Baby Muslin, Baby towel, SwaddleBaby Muslin, Baby towel, Swaddle

Easy to Wash & Maintain

Muslin baby cloths could be washed in regular methods in machine or hands. Air dry is enough to completely dry the muslin. Hot sterilize occasionally to ensures the cloth stays hygienic.

It is always recommended to wash baby clothes and fabrics before first use, to ensure baby’s safety.


Muslin in Indian Tradition

We are proud to bring back our traditional muslin cloths that we used for several purposes in our culture. All Haber products are made in India using Indian cotton and resources.

Muslin is an extremely fine and loosely-woven cotton fabric. One of the earliest cotton cloths, muslin cloth, was handwoven in India and became extremely popular in trade with European countries. Over the years, Muslin has become a much-loved fabric owing to its gentle, light and pure feeling and texture. Baby’s skin is far more delicate and sensitive than an adult skin. A baby’s skin barrier is 30% thinner than an adult’s, which needs a super soft, safe and natural material. Your baby’s skin also loses moisture twice as fast and can thus easily become dry and flaky. That’s why your baby’s innocent skin deserves the best care and the gentlest of fabrics like Muslin. HABER’s Muslin are non dyed and printed to avoid any harmful chemicals to the best.

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70 X 70 cm 30 X 30 cm 100 X 100 cm 30 X 30 cm 100 X 100 cm

Organic Cotton Organic Cotton Organic Cotton Organic Cotton Organic Cotton

Baby Bath towel, large napkins, burp cloth Baby wipes, Wash cloths, napkins, Baby swaddle, Baby sheet, nursing cloth, burp cloth Baby wipes, Wash cloths, napkins Baby swaddle, Baby sheet, nursing cloth, burp cloth

Absorbency: Utilizes four layers of high-quality muslin fabric for superior absorbency. Provides efficient moisture-wicking to keep the baby dry and comfortable.
Gentle on Skin: Crafted from soft and breathable muslin material, ensuring gentle contact with the baby’s delicate skin. Hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for sensitive skin.
Versatility: Multi-functional design suitable for various uses, such as swaddling, burping, nursing, and as a stroller cover. Adaptable to different situations, providing convenience and practicality for busy parents.
Easy Care: Can be machine or hand washed. This super durable fabric gets softer with every wash.
Durability and Longevity: Constructed with durable four-layered muslin to withstand regular use and frequent washing. Maintains its quality and softness even after multiple washes, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable baby towel.
Other Uses: Baby blanket, Nursing cloth, burp cloth, baby towel and much more.

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