HOOPA Hooded Carrier, Yellow | Baby Carrier | Feeding Pillow | Reclined Carrier | Infant Carrier

Price: ₹1,900 - ₹1,800.00
(as of Jun 16,2024 07:34:49 UTC – Details)

Hoopa Hooded is a great innovation and improvement over Hoopa Infant Carrier. For giving warmth to infant, mothers’ prefer to swaddle the newborn in blanket, towel etc. Hoopa Hooded (HHC) has an inbuilt bottom hood. This hood replaces the archaic tradition of swaddling in cloth. Newborn can be smoothly surrounded upto neck by buttoning the two split parts of within bottom hood. Buttons have two positions so that bottom hood can be tightened or made free for adjusting with the infant body and comfort. Bottom hood protects infant from mosquito, viral, and insect attack. When newborn’s hands are within the bottom hood, breast feeding is more convenient. It also provides warmth to infant. Newborn’s delicate hands, fingers, foot etc. are all inside the bottom hood and hence these feeble body parts are secured from external environment. This makes lifting, carrying and feeding the infant easy. Bottom hood is made from a mix cotton fabric and it is an extremely secure as well as light weight 295 grams and very smooth feeling fabric. Bottom hood does away with the practice of carrying several cloths and blankets separately for swaddling the infant.
Improved version of Hoopa Infant carrier for newborn upto 4 months
Hoopa protects newborn from Corona virus & other germs & cold breeze, dust, direct hand contact etc.
Strong back of HOOPA keeps infant’s body supported in back rest position, & safe. Hoopa pillows are known globally as strongest
Tested and Certified by InterTek Laboratory for meeting US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ( CPSIA ) and Canada CPSC
Ergonomically designed contours create best feeding position for better milk digestion

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