Kellogg’s Chocos With Whole Grain | Protein&Fibre Of 1 Roti* In Each Bowl

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Kellogg’s Chocos, High in Protein, B Vitamins, Calcium and Iron, 700g
Kellogg’s Chocos is a nourishing & solid breakfast for kids. It makes milk chocolaty & delicious.
Kellogg’s Chocos has the goodness of whole wheat. Each serving of 30g Kellogg’s Chocos has Protein and Fibre equal to that of 1 wheat roti of 30g.
Kellogg’s Chocos is high in Calcium & Protein that is essential for your child’s growing body.
It is enriched with10 essential vitamins & minerals like Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins & Vitamin C for your active kids.
30g Kellogg’s Chocos + 200ml cow’s milk provides 66% of the day’s RDA for Calcium and 32% of the day’s RDA for Protein.
** 1 bowl equals 30g of Kellogg’s Chocos . *30g of Kellogg’s Chocos has protein and fibre equal to that of 1 wheat roti of 30g

Customers say

Customers like the quality, taste and value of the breakfast cereal. They mention it’s a great product, with a chocolate flavour and interesting shapes of moon. They also say it’d be good for children. However, some customers have reported issues with the condition of the product, mentioning it was torn or damaged.

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